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Horror at Miss Europe: Ukrainian spoke about threats from Russians and competition organizers

After the end of the event, the Ukrainian participant in the Miss Europe 2024 contest, Milena Melnichuk, spoke about a series of shocking incidents related to threats she received from representatives of Russia. In a conversation on the “Slava+” show, Milena shared that since her participation in the competition, unknown people continue to call her personal number, and also actively attack her pages on social networks, threatening her life and the life of her family. Among the threats were specific statements about an attempt on her life, which creates serious obstacles to the normal functioning and safety of the participant, writes WomanEL.

They call my personal phone number, threaten me, write negative comments to my family, my mother. They write: “We will find you, we know where you live, you will have very big problems. We will kill you, cut off your head.” And they send a sticker of a Ukrainian military man who, unfortunately, died and they write that they will do the same to me, like prepare your pretty face, we will cut off your head in the same way. This is completely inadequate, they have nothing to do,

the celebrity shared.

Ukrainian Miss Europe participant revealed the scale of the problem on the show . Source: instagram.com/milena.melnichuk

Melnichuk also spoke about unpleasant incidents related to the organizers of the competition, which required the removal of posts on her blog, where she shared her negative experience of participating in the event. These events caused serious concern for the Ukrainian participant, who experienced a certain threat and discomfort.

He said (the son of the main organizer of the competition) that I was polluting the reputation of the competition, that he translated to the translators what I wrote and that I immediately delete it, because I will have big problems and I will very much regret it. This is an Arab country and they could do whatever you want there, so I wanted to leave this country as soon as possible to be safe,

Milena added.

We also note that after this scandalous incident it became known that that Russia was not allowed to participate in another Miss World pageant, which indicates the serious impact of events at the international level. Milena thanked her fans and called for attentiveness and response to such cases in order to protect the rights and safety of participants in the competition.

By the way, recently a Ukrainian at Miss World showed a gentle patriotic image.

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