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How to properly care for your hair – says Anita Lutsenko

Anita Lutsenko, a well-known trainer in the world of fitness and beauty, shares her valuable hair care tips that can change the way you think about your own appearance. She noted the importance of the right approach to washing and caring for this important element of appearance, writes WomanEL.

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Proper washing

According to Lutsenko, the key aspect of healthy hair is the beginning of proper washing. She advises not to scrub the hair itself with shampoo, but to focus on cleansing the scalp with shampoo to ensure it is clean.

Anita further recommends applying conditioner from the ear and below, keeping it on for the specified time to achieve shine.

Anita Lutsenko shares her own experience in hair care. Source: headandshoulders


An important point that the trainer pays attention to is rinsing. She recommends using cool to warm water and avoiding hot water to prevent hair damage.

Throw in the towel

In her hair care method, Anita Lutsenko also recommends avoiding rubbing your hair with a towel, and instead using a silk turban. She emphasizes that silk material helps retain hair moisture and reduces the risk of hair damage.

Anita Lutsenko shares her own experience in hair care. Source: molodo


The final touch in hair care, according to Anita Lutsenko, is the use of a silk pillowcase. She notes that this simple remedy can improve the quality of your sleep, as well as the appearance of your hair and face the next day.

Price is not the main thing

In conclusion, Lutsenko noted that the choice of hair care products does not matter much if the mechanical actions are not correct. She called for focusing on the treatment itself, and not on the price or brand of products.

With these simple but effective tips, Anita Lutsenko inspires her fans to more consciously and effectively care for their hair.

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