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Tatyana Litvinova told how her husband cheated on her with a friend

Ukrainian star, presenter and culinary expert Tatyana Litvinova amazed her fans with her confession about her own dramatic relationship. After the birth of her son, she began to suspect her husband’s infidelity, writes WomanEL.

During a conversation on the “Slava+” program, Litvinova openly spoke about the dissatisfaction in her marriage, which began due to the unusual behavior of her ex-husband. She shared that although she refrained from talking, she felt inside that something was happening. The shock came when she found out that her beloved was cheating on her with a friend.

My husband comes at one or two every evening, although he works from 9 to 18: 00. For some reason he doesn’t want to be at home. I couldn’t understand that someone could cheat on me. That is, my self-esteem has always been fine. I understood that I felt bad in this relationship. If I don't leave, I'll just die. I really thought that he was there somewhere playing cards with the guys,

the celebrity said.

Tatyana Litvinova revealed the painful truth about her personal suffering. Source: showbiz.today

Tatyana admitted that over time her relationship became sad, and she did not even have the desire to have breakfast or communicate with her husband. However, she emphasized that she does not regret the past and actively communicates with her ex because of their common son.

This frank confession is striking in its openness and devotion to family values, which, despite the divorce, remain important for Tatyana Litvinova .

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