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Michelle Andrade on self-dislike and body acceptance

Ukrainian singer of Bolivian origin Michelle Andrade decided to share with fans her own thoughts on accepting herself and her body. On her Instagram page, the artist openly admitted that she used to feel ashamed of her appearance, but over time she realized that self-acceptance is an important part of the development of her personality, writes WomanEL.

She shared a story about receiving a compliment about her appearance, which made her reflect on her own confidence and age. Andrade talked about how she sometimes looks at her old photographs and realizes that she was once beautiful, but then she couldn’t understand it because of unnecessary complexes.

Back in November, someone wrote to me in the comments that I look very good at almost 30. This became a local joke among my friends. I just thought for a minute that I’m 27! And sometimes I am ashamed of my body. I think that at 30-35 I will feel more confident. It happens that I look at photographs of myself at 18 and say: “Wow, how beautiful! Why was I even shy, why was I tormented and didn’t accept myself, my body, why didn’t I like my hair and the way I was dressed?” These unnecessary opinions did not allow me to be free. I don’t want to complain and say “where are I 18”, “that’s when I could have been, that’s when I should have been.” The comment made me realize that I don't want to wait! “I want to live it now,” the singer emphasized.

Michelle Andrade shares personal experience, inspiring to accept yourself. Source: instagram.com/mishvirmish

Michelle urged her fans to accept, respect and love themselves at any age, noting that self-acceptance is always relevant. Her frank confession amazed many and inspired confidence in her own beauty and worth.

Reaction of the Network:

  • Yes, you need to live now, in the present, not in the past;
  • I completely understand;
  • You are beautiful.

Michelle Andrade shares personal experiences, inspiring self-acceptance. Source: instagram.com/mishvirmish

Youth is already perfect! Love yourself and enjoy now, not later, looking at old photos. I love my age. Your skin, hair, shape. I love taking pictures and capturing the most beautiful moments of my youth,

the celebrity said.

Thus, Michelle Andrade is not only a talented singer, but also an open representative of a healthy relationship with herself, encouraging others to accept themselves as such, what they are.

By the way, Michelle Andrade recently starred in the top TV series The Crown.

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