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How can a woman gain the strength to get a divorce? – Andre Tan answers

Ukrainian designer and fashion designer Andre Tan shared useful tips for women facing the divorce process. According to him, the basis for successfully overcoming this difficult life situation is the decisive recognition that they are unique and self-sufficient individuals. It is important to give up unnecessary connections with those who do not respect their value and cause harm. He notes that every woman deserves respect, writes WomanEL.

The key to success in this process, according to Tan, is self-love. It encourages women to dedicate attention and time to self-determination and maintaining their own well-being. The recommendation is to regularly visualize your ideal future and replay your desired life in your head as often as possible. Andre Tan also suggests journaling to reflect your desires and put your thoughts on paper.

Every woman is alone, if you decide to waste your life and live all the time with a man who does not respect you and mocks you, then you do not respect yourself. To love yourself, you need to scroll through your head every morning about the life you want to live. Speak your wishes into a glass of water. I believe that everyone should write down in the morning everything that is in their mind, at least three pages… Write down what kind of man you like. His height, eye color, how he treats you… Every woman must realize her potential. It's never too late to start,

said the fashion designer.

Recovery after divorce: how Andre Tan helps women find themselves again . Source: instagram.com/andre_tan_official

The designer also points out the importance of describing the desired partner as a way of collaborating with the Universe in attracting the right person. At the same time, he emphasizes the need for constant self-development and self-improvement, which will help women remain conscious and strong individuals even after difficult periods in life, such as divorce and motherhood. He notes that a woman should do something interesting for herself and realize herself in being a conscious person without a man and when the children grow up.

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