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How Irina Soponaru's fiance reacts to her kissing others

The star of “Women’s Quarter” Irina Soponaru openly spoke about the reaction of her foreign fiancé to her kisses with the actors in the theater, writes WomanEL.

Irina Soponaru, known for her role in the play “Our Kaidashi”, where she plays Motrya, admitted that sometimes considerable passion arises on stage with actor Taras Tsymbalyuk, including kissing, the “Closer to the Stars” program reports. According to the actress, she previously consulted with her beloved Rhys to decide whether it was possible to accept this role in the theater.

Taras and I play love. But he knows I'm not hiding anything from him. I consulted with him and asked if it was possible or not. And everything is fine,

the celebrity noted.

How does the groom react to the role of Irina Soponaru in the play Our Kaidashi? Source: instagram.com/irinasoponaru

Soponar admits that her future husband and she have no jealousy in their relationship. Rhys is not at all against his girlfriend’s work and supports her. The couple demonstrates harmony in their love and delights fans with their values ​​of trust.

The star also shared that preparations for their wedding, planned for this spring, continue as planned. She expressed the hope that everything would go well, and she and her fiance would be able to enjoy their union.

By the way, Irina Soponaru recently showed off a new tattoo in her intimate area.

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