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Maxim Galkin expressed condolences to those killed in Odessa in Ukrainian

47-year-old showman Maxim Galkin, openly expressing his condemnation of Russian aggression from the first days of the full-scale invasion, reacted powerfully to the consequences of the Russian attack on Odessa on the night of March 2. The star wrote a post on Instagram, and he did it for the first time in Ukrainian, reports WomanEL.

Recall that on the night of March 2, a terrorist country attacked Odessa with the help of drones. One of them hit a nine-story building, destroying one of the entrances. As a result of this strike, 12 people were killed, among whom were five children.

Maxim expressed condolences to the dead, and noted that every strike on the city hits the very heart:

Odessa — this is my childhood. In Odessa at school I studied Ukrainian from the first grade. And the knowledge about the language that I still have is also from my Odessa childhood. But I can probably be reproached for not publicly mourning all the dead children in the world. Odessa, I am with you with all my heart. My deepest condolences to the families of the victims. It's very sad to be powerless. But no one has yet canceled God’s judgment 🙏🏻

Publication by Galkin. Source: Instagram

It is worth noting that Galkin’s father was a military man. When the future star was three years old, their family moved from Russia to Germany. And in 1983, when the father of seven-year-old Maxim became a general, the family moved again, this time to Odessa. In Odessa, the artist studied in the first three grades of school.

It was previously reported that Galkin could be denied access to the UAE.

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