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Radu Poklitaru and his Little Prince: what will conquer modern ballet

The spring air was permeated with romance and dreamy memories. To preserve amazing emotions, choreographer Radu Poklitaru gives the audience his “Little Prince,” writes WomanEL.

The performance will captivate lovers of contemporary art with a combination of symphonies by V.A. Mozart and Ukrainian lullabies performed by M. Pilipchak. Viewers can expect an incredible interpretation of the famous philosophical story based on the work of Antoine de Saint-Exupery.

Radu Poklitaru gives viewers his “Little Prince” ” Source: Instagram

“The Little Prince” of the Kyiv Modern Ballet Theater features original choreographer solutions, exclusive costumes and scenery. And also – 3D video mapping, stunning musical design and unique plasticity of the artists.

The plot will reveal a new reading of traditional history and the rich inner world of the Little Prince. “Treasures” that are important for the world of adults will undergo a transformation, and simple but extremely important things for a person will acquire a special meaning.

The amazing production of “The Little Prince” awaits its audience in the October Palace. Also find out about 5 bright premieres in March.

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