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In the style of the 90s: what Ukrainian stars would have looked like 30 years ago according to AI

Recently it has become fashionable to be in the style of the 90s. This trend appeared not without the participation of artificial intelligence and is gaining furious momentum in social networks, writes WomanEL.

Content Andre TanLesya NikityukVictoria MaremukhaMarina BorzhemskayaMisha RomanovaDasha KvitkovaNadya Dorofeeva Misha Roman ova in trend. Source: Instagram

Ukrainian stars also did not stand aside, and artificial intelligence creates original photos for them. In these photographs you can see what they would have looked like if they had lived 30 years ago.

Andre Tan

Andre Tan in 90s style. Source: Instagram Andre Tan is trending. Source: Instagram

Famous Ukrainian designer Andre Tan experimented with the table and shared his results.

What do you think of the version of artificial intelligence in the 90s? It seems very realistic. Have you already taken such photos for yourself?,

the designer asked the subscribers.

Lesya Nikityuk

Lesya Nikityuk in 90s style. Source: Instagram Artificial intelligence turned out to be more artificial. Source: Instagram

Star TV presenter Lesya Nikityuk in the 90s could have had curly hair, thin eyebrows and dressed in an original way.

I thought that I love intelligence, but artificial intelligence turned out to be more artificial,

wrote Lesya.

Victoria Maremukha

Victoria Maremukha could have been involved in music in the 90s. Source: Instagram Victoria Maremukha. Source: Instagram

Ukrainian model, blogger, actress and TV presenter Victoria Maremukha did not miss the trend either. Victoria's hair from the 90s darkened, and artificial intelligence decided that the girl could study music.

Did you recognize me from the 90s or not?,

asked the model.

Marina Borzhemskaya

Stylish Marina Borzhemskaya. Source: Instagram Source: Instagram Marina Borzhemskaya from the 90s. Source: Instagram

Fitness trainer Marina Borzhemskaya received several versions of hairstyles from AI for her stylish look.

Artificial intelligence has taken over our Instagram. Have you already tried to send yourself back to the 90s? Which hairstyle suits me best?,

Marina addressed her fans.

Misha Romanova

Misha Romanova in insta-trend. Source: Instagram Misha Romanova through the eyes of AI. Source: Instagram

Now I'm also in the trend. This is how the neural network generated me. Which image do you like best? For example, the last one for me. A strong doll,

the singer joked.

Dasha Kvitkova

Dasha Kvitkova from the 90s. Source: Instagram Dasha Kvitkova is trending. Source: Instagram

AI turned a blonde blogger into a beauty with dark brown hair. In the 90s, Dasha would play sports, and also wear hats and denim.

Artificial intelligence decided that I should be a brunette,

a girl commented on the photo.

Nadya Dorofeeva

Nadya Dorofeeva. Source: Instagram Nadya Dorofeeva. Source: Instagram

In the image of singer Nadya Dorofeeva, artificial intelligence again changed the hair color. Apparently he doesn't like blondes a bit.

The AI ​​showed a star with slightly darker and longer hair holding a camera. Dorofeeva from the 90s would wear tracksuits and light blouses.

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