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Zhenya Kot and Natalya Tatarintseva declassified the sex of the baby

35-year-old Ukrainian choreographer Evgeniy Kot is preparing for the most important and emotional performance of his life — to the role of a father, reports WomanEL. Together with my 33-year-old beloved, gymnast Natalia Tatarintseva, we organized a gender party and announced who they were expecting.

Hello, our girl. Now I am a dad, and I am the mother of the most charming flower. We can't wait to see you, our kitten,

the couple wrote on Instagram.

The celebration took place in a restaurant overlooking the Dnieper River. Among the celebrity guests one could see Ksenia Mishina, Ilona Gvozdeva, Sergei Pritula and many others.

Recall that Zhenya and Natalya tried to get pregnant for a long time, but received a disappointing diagnosis — infertility. Over time, a miracle happened and soon the dancers would become parents for the first time.

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