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How to feed plums, cherries and cherries for a good harvest

Growing fruit trees on your site can be successful and productive thanks to proper feeding. Organic fertilizer for cherries, sweet cherries and plums is a simple but extremely effective way to improve the yield and quality of the fruit, writes WomanEL.

If your trees are not producing well, do not rush to use chemical fertilizers. Try an organic fertilizer that contains all the necessary nutrients for a tree in the right proportions.

Organic nutrition for cherries, sweet cherries and plums for large harvest. Source: agronews.ua

Instructions for fertilizing for fruit trees

Dilute 1 liter jar of ash in 10 liters of water, which will be the main food for fruit trees. To improve nutrient absorption, add 200 ml (1 cup) 9% vinegar. Let the solution sit for 30 minutes, then water the trees generously. The amount of solution per tree depends on its age – from 1 to 3 buckets.

Feed during flowering or a little later to provide the plants with the necessary nutrients. Cherries, cherries, plums and other fruit trees will delight you with a bountiful and tasty harvest and good fruits thanks to this basic but effective feeding.

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