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Do cats need adult movies: Dantes and Josephine Jackson in a provocative promotional campaign

The queen of adult films Josephine Jackson and the famous singer Vladimir Dantes joined the project of the animal protection movement UAnimals. They decided to draw attention to the problems of homeless animals in an original way and voiced a “non-childish” video for cats. But do cats need adult movies, says WomanEL.

I want to share with you Vladimir Dantes was intrigued by his first experience in porn


The artist also added that he was glad to collaborate with Josephine. A funny video of cat porn, voiced by Dantes and Jackson, is aimed at encouraging the public to join the collection of UAnimals and support the mission to sterilize animals in the front-line regions of Ukraine.

Do cats need adult movies… Source: Instagram

We decided create the first p*rnosite for cats! The idea is unusual, but do cats need hot videos? Do they dream of finding a mate for life, giving birth to kittens and feeling the joy of fatherhood? Do cats need adult movies? Not really. But they 100% need our help, noted in the message under the video.

UAnimals also note the importance of the problem and believe that animals do not have:

    < li>give birth on the street;
  • die while still young in front-line areas;
  • perish without shelter and human care;
  • uncontrollably reproduce without a chance to live.
  • li>

You can join the foundation’s initiative and donate to help animals on the website.

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