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Vagina-flavored chips for real gourmets: reviews

Tastes in the modern world are quite unexpected, especially when it comes to snacks. However, the new hit of the Lithuanian brand CHAZZ – chips with the provocative names “Pussy” and “Dick” (flavors of vagina and penis) – really amazed consumers, reports WomanEL.

According to representatives of the company, these chips are created to attract the attention of modern millennials to sexual topics, given that over the past few years young people have had much less sex than their predecessors at the same age. Note that this may be caused by the greater influence of social networks and gadgets that have replaced face-to-face communication.

Regarding the consumer reaction, it was quite varied. Some expressed surprise and considered this approach provocative and unexpected, while others were interested and even tried these non-standard tastes.

The cost of one pack (90 g) is 359 hryvnia, but now they are no longer available .

Ingredients: potatoes, rapeseed oil, salt, onion, garlic, sugar, sour cream, yeast extract, flavorings and other ingredients.

In addition to the piquant tastes of female and male genital organs, the brand CHAZZ produces snacks with borscht flavor, all profits from this flavor of chips will go to help Ukraine.

We remind you that in In March, McDonald's introduced a special perfume scent – with the smell of French fries.

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