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How to understand that your weight is normal: signs that you no longer need to lose weight

When people decide to lose weight, they often have a specific goal in mind. Maybe it's the weight you were at university, your pre-baby weight, or something more arbitrary – a number you think will make you happy. But those who have achieved their weight loss goals often wonder how to know if they are at normal weight. Should I stop or should I continue losing weight?

ContentWhy your weight loss goal should be flexible How to tell if your weight is healthy: your doctor says you're healthy Your energy is high How to tell if your weight is healthy: it's stable Your meal plan is easy How to tell if your weight is healthy: you're enjoying your lifestyle

WomanEL understands that you are probably tired of the endless pursuit of the coveted figure (“I want 50 kg!!,” “but I wouldn’t give up 63”). But make no mistake. Weight loss isn't just about the number on the scale.

Why your weight loss goal should be flexible

Dietitians and other professionals don't really support the idea of ​​a “goal weight” that is expressed as a specific number. “People may have an idea of ​​what their target weight should be. But it is usually unrealistic and does not compare to the life they actually want to live, filled with energy, vitality and strength; or the body shape and size they aspire to have,” says Emily Field, RD.

For example, you can be proud of all the muscles you build through targeted strength training. But these achievements can increase the number on the scale—even if you maintain healthy habits. In this case, the perceived weight of your goal may conflict with another goal you value.

Furthermore, sustainability is key, and often the “ideal weight” based on a chart or weight obtained years ago is simply impossible to maintain.

“The trick to losing weight is keeping it off, not getting rid of it,” says Brigitte Zeitlin, MPH. After all, research shows that many people who lose weight end up gaining some or all of it back. Although it is not certain that this will happen after successful weight loss, setting a realistic goal can help prevent weight gain again.

“If you set a weight that is too unrealistic for your body, then you will never be able to maintain it for long, even if you reach it. And reaching it can even feel like torture, because your body is not designed to live at this number.” So set a realistic target weight with the help of a healthcare professional, and you'll likely reach it and maintain it.

How to understand that your weight is normal: your doctor says that you healthy

Just because your BMI is a little higher doesn't mean you're unhealthy, Source: freepik.com

So how do you know when you've reached that magical happy place that is your ideal weight? Although it varies from person to person, there are some common traits that you may notice.

Looking at health indicators such as blood pressure, resting heart rate, cholesterol and triglyceride levels can be important indicators of health, many times greater than the numbers on your scale. This is according to registered dietitian Amanda Barnes.

It is a huge misconception that a person with a technically “overweight” BMI cannot be healthy. Does your weight have a higher BMI? If your doctor says your metabolic health is fine, there is no need to worry.

Your energy is high

How your body feels as you go about your daily activities is also a useful indicator of when you are getting closer to your goal. “This means that people perform well in the physical activities they enjoy, are consistently energized, sleep well, and feel resilient to challenges and stress,” Field says. So if you notice that you're not breathing as hard when you're running your usual 5K, or after an hour of cycling you feel like you can do more, this could be a sign that you've reached your ideal weight.

How to understand that your weight is normal: it is stable

If your weight remains stable for some time and you feel that it is not difficult to maintain, this is a sure sign that you are in good shape. “You may have reached your ideal weight if it's easy to maintain,” Field says. This usually means that you can eat the same way and it will leave you feeling satisfied mentally, physically and emotionally.

Your meal plan simple

“When you lose weight in a sustainable way, it will affect the way you plan your meals and think about your plate, which over time will become second nature,” says Zeitlin. This is also a good indicator that you will be able to maintain your weight loss in the long term. “Once the amount of vegetables on your plate becomes natural to you, it’s a good mental sign that you’ve made a lifestyle change and are achieving a good goal.” You can also practice intuitive eating, which teaches people to trust their body's signals.

How to understand that your weight is normal: you enjoy your lifestyle

“Sounds simple , but I truly believe that your best weight is the weight you reach when you are living the healthiest lifestyle that you truly enjoy,” Field says. This means you enjoy going to the gym five days a week. But you also want to have pizza and beer with friends once a week. Your ideal weight is one at which you can do both and feel good about it. Because while maintaining healthy habits is important, it's also important to live your best life.

We also believe that you don't have to give up alcohol to lose weight. Here are the subtleties of how to do it and lose calories.

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