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Ilona Gvozdeva had an accident (PHOTO)

Ilona Gvozdeva published photos on Instagram after getting into an accident. The choreographer noted that no one was hurt, but the car was seriously damaged, writes WomanEL.

The Ukrainian star shared her impressions of this accident. She expressed gratitude that no one except the car was hurt, urging her followers to be careful on the road and always control their driving.

As they say, thank you for being alive and except for the iron, no one was hurt, neither drivers nor passers-by! It is probably no coincidence that the karmic year is giving me a sign – to slow down, pay attention to my health and start taking care of myself first, and then of others… P.S. be careful on the road, especially in large shopping center parking lots,

Ilona shared her thoughts.

Ilona Gvozdeva shares her thoughts about karmic signs. Source: instagram.com/ilonagvozdeva

Network reaction:

  • It’s a pity for the car, because it’s beautiful and yours, but everything is intact – that’s the most important thing;
  • You are calm with told me. She says: “I had a small accident”;
  • Hold on, the main thing is that you are healthy.

Ilona Gvozdeva shares her thoughts on karmic signs. Source: instagram.com/ilonagvozdeva

The star added that her shock from the impact has become less, but the car needs serious repairs. This incident forced her to rethink her rhythm of life and pay more attention to her health.

By the way, Ilona Gvozdeva recently showed the result of breast enlargement in her underwear.

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