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The Bachelorette star Andrei Khvetkevich showed a rare photo with her husband

The main character of the second season of the reality show “Bachelorette” was the famous singer Zlata Ognevich, and Andrei Khvetkevich was remembered among the participants in the project, writes WomanEL.

After the show ended, unexpected changes occurred in Andrey's life. It turned out that he was no longer alone, because he had a loved one. Khvetkevich’s relationship with his husband began even before he began participating in “The Bachelorette.” Although the couple temporarily separated, life brought them together again, emphasizing their connection and love.

Andrei Khvetkevich's boyfriend was Felipe, who was born in Colombia. The couple decided to organize a magical wedding ceremony, which took place on May 5 last year in Mexico. Today they are celebrating the first anniversary of this happy event.

Our wedding anniversary,

written by Andrey.

Andrey Khvetkevich showed his lover. Source: instagram.com/diveeasy

Network reaction:

  • Wonderful couple!
  • When is the addition?
  • Well, how charming you are!< /li>

On his Instagram page, Andrey shared a photo from the wedding, where the newlyweds joyfully leave the altar, which symbolizes the beginning of a new stage of their life together. Under this photo there were positive comments and wishes from subscribers who loyally supported the happy couple. This love story has become the embodiment of how real feelings will turn even the most difficult trials into a strong connection.

By the way, recently the authors of the hit “Evenings” played an unusual wedding.

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