• 13/06/2024 17:11

Nike has re-released a model of iconic sneakers

The American sporting goods company Nike has re-released one of its most famous and beloved sneakers: the Nike Cortez, white with red and blue accents. Price — US$235. This shoe model is usually called “Forrest Gump”, because the sneakers gained even more popularity when Forrest received them as a gift from his beloved in the film, writes WomanEL.

There is also a plot in the film where Gump runs a cross-marathon. This episode also demonstrates the long-lasting power of the Nike Cortez sneaker. When Forrest finally stops his long run, he is still wearing the same threadbare pair, which look rather tattered, but are quite functional.

By the way, Nike Cortez is one of the simplest and most famous sneakers of the company, which began to be developed in 1968 and released in 1972. This collection of shoes is fashionable and stylish until now.

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