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In Ukraine they will begin to monitor all bank card activities

The state plans to introduce new rules providing for the collection of information about all money on citizens’ bank cards. According to the published message of the National Bank of Ukraine on its official website, the proposed changes to the Rules for the storage, protection, use and disclosure of bank secrecy provide for the collection of not only general data, but also clients’ bank card numbers, writes WomanEL.

According to the statement lawyer Andrei Mezhiritsky, the bulk of the proposed rules are already in effect, with the exception of the specific bank card number. These changes are aimed at increasing transparency and control over citizens' financial transactions.

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Economist Oleg Pendzin believes that obtaining a bank card number will allow authorized government bodies to track the movement of funds and identify persons receiving or transferring money. This is an important step to combat the illegal sector of the economy, and will also simplify the procedure for paying taxes for commercial activities.

It is planned to collect information about bank card numbers in Ukraine. Source: itech.co.ua

Among the persons who may be interested in government agencies, according to Pendzin’s statement, there are also property owners who rent it out. This means that rental income received on bank cards may be subject to taxation.

By the way, it recently became known that electricity tariffs will increase significantly in Ukraine.

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