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Instagram blocked Lachen for a post about Grinkevich corruption

After the publication of shocking investigations by the famous blogger Igor Lachen, who revealed scandalous details about the theft of more than a billion hryvnia for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, his profile on the social network was blocked. Lachen became a hero on the Internet, bringing to the surface the corruption schemes of Igor Grinkevich and his family, writes WomanEL.

The exposure of the Grinkevichs in corrupt practices has already led to great publicity among the public. Lachen made visible the previously undetected machinations. His contribution to the investigation was greater than that of any media or anti-corruption organization.

Expected Golden Globes 2024: list of winners and awards Rachel is back: Jennifer Aniston debuts in an iconic look After the release of corruption schemes, Igor Lachen found himself under attack, and his account was limited. Source: instagram.com/lachen_tyt

The main epicenter of the scandal was the theft by the Grinkevichs of more than a billion hryvnia intended for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. According to Lachen, this is not the first time that a businessman chooses to profit from the military; earlier there were incidents with scandalous construction and the supply of clothing. According to Igor’s investigation, the Grinkevichs earned an incredible $25 million from a scam involving the delivery of clothes for the Armed Forces of Ukraine in 2023. Unexpectedly, $12 million of this amount was obtained through fraud. As a result, the clothing company did not provide the military with jackets, T-shirts, and pants worth UAH 1.5 billion. The family itself makes huge purchases (apartments, cars and land) with funds collected for the army.

After the release of corruption schemes Igor Lachen is under attack and his account is limited. Source: instagram.com/lachen_tyt

It should be noted that Roman Grinkevich, known for his financial fraud in 2023, not only carried out dubious tender schemes. During this period, he actively invested in the career of a young artist and his fiancee, using funds received from failed tenders of the Ministry of Defense.

After much publicity, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine decided to terminate all contracts with the companies of the Grinkevich family. Deputy Minister of Defense Vitaly Polovenko confirmed this decision against the backdrop of a scandal involving bribery of the head of the DBR.

After the release of corruption schemes, Igor Lachen found himself under attack, and his account was limited. Source: instagram.com/lachen_tyt

Igor Lachen is now facing restrictions on the use of his Instagram account, but netizens actively support him, expressing dissatisfaction with censorship and demanding justice in this important case. Subscribers actively supported the information, making reposts and likes in order to revive the account. Ukrainians note that Lachen turned out to be much more effective with his investigations than government administration. Citizens hope that the corrupt family will receive their punishment, and all their belongings will go to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. They also demand immediate action by the authorities to bring the perpetrators to justice. Thanks to the active support of social network users, this case is gaining the scale of a national investigation.

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