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Pain lives in the sea: NICHKA has released a new song

Ukrainian musician and actress NICHKA, known for her creativity and bright performances, presented a new composition called “Friendly Sea”. In this expressive pop song, the artist demonstrates her dramatic talent, and the atmospheric video enhances the emotional effect of the song, writes WomanEL.

In her work, NICHKA separates part of her soul and memories of the sea, which played a significant role in her childhood. The performer dedicates this song to her native sea, which she has not seen for ten years.

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The lyrics of the song “Friendly the Sea” are distinguished by their deep content and poetry. It reflects feelings of loss, pain without a native land, as well as nostalgia for the moments when the wind played with the waves and the heart was filled with warmth. The song is about wars that are fought not only on earth, but also in hearts.

NICHKA opens her heart in the song Friendly the sea, where it painfully and emotionally sings about loss. Source: t.me/nichka_official

The girl also talks about her memories, dreams and that unnoticed run through the corridors, which is filled with the anticipation of loved ones and love. Concluding the song, NICHKA expresses the desire to reconnect with her sea and embrace it personally.

“Friendly Sea” is a work that appeals to the root feelings, giving listeners the opportunity to travel into the world of memories and emotional depth of NICHKA.< /p>

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