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Intrigues on the set: Anne Hathaway reveals details from the world of the film industry

In the world of Hollywood, perfect chemistry between actors is the magic that can make a film unforgettable. However, as WomanEL learned, the ways in which this chemistry is tested can be very varied and sometimes unpleasant. 41-year-old American actress Anne Hathaway said that in one of her films in the 2000s she had to play in an extraordinary casting scene, where she had to kiss a number of potential partners.

In her interview for VMagazine magazine Hathaway shared her first impressions of this situation.

They told me: “10 guys will come to us today for casting. Don't you want to kiss all of them? And I thought, “Is there something wrong with me?” Because I wasn't happy. It seemed disgusting to me.

Despite her internal doubts, the celebrity agreed, experiencing the fear of losing her job due to refusal. However, the history of the film industry does not stand still, and now the way of testing chemistry between actors has undergone changes. One of the actors must choose a favorite song for the character played by his co-star. By the way, Anne Hathaway herself used this method during the filming of the recent romantic comedy “The Idea of ​​You.”

Recall that Anne Hathaway previously spoke about her career after 35 years.

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