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TAYANNA admitted that her ex-lovers give her money and explained why

Ukrainian singer TAYANNA told how she makes a living during a full-scale war and why her former chosen ones provide her with financial assistance, writes WomanEL.

The performer, like many other artists, faced economic difficulties due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. However, she finds ways to earn an income by composing songs for other singers and occasionally performing in concerts. Note that most of her performances today are for charity, for which she does not charge a fee.

Mainly writing songs for other artists. Let it be for now. I respond to almost everything that is offered to me,

noted the celebrity.

The singer also spoke about financial support from former men. She remained on good terms with them after the breakup, which allows them to help the star in difficult moments. One of the former men pays for her son’s school tuition, the other provided financial assistance for her living.

TAYANNA thanked the former men for financial assistance. Source: instagram.com/tayanna_reshetnyak

I can’t say specifically because the situation is different every month. Well, it’s clear that when you have your own home, it makes life much easier. Plus, my ex-men are generous and kind, they help me a lot. One helps pay for my son’s school, the other gives money for living. I have good relationships with many exes. Although now I say it as if I have a hundred of them! No, but having good relationships with some is true. They probably know and feel that I am a good person. And they care. There were moments when I really needed help. I called on the phone and they brought me money. I am very grateful for such help. And I think it’s normal when a man helps a woman,

she admitted.

TAYANNA added that sometimes she turns to ex-men for help, and they are always ready to support her. In general, the singer is happy that she remained on friendly terms with her ex-lovers.

By the way, TAYANNA recently spoke for the first time about her new relationship.

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