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Irina Kudashova said that she was a victim of violence and abuse in a relationship

The star of the series “School” Irina Kudashova openly spoke about the violence she experienced in a relationship and expressed fear for her life. The actress decided to share her painful experience, noting the importance of realizing and leaving an abusive relationship, writes WomanEL.

According to her, one of the former partners committed moral violence, insulting and threatening her life. Irina endured this for a long time, but was able to escape from the toxic man in time.

I have there was abuse in bed. They showed aggression. When I didn’t want to, I felt uncomfortable, but they showed aggression. I even had bruises afterwards. I have been cheated on many times, but my faith in people never disappears. I didn't have physical violence, but I did have mental violence. Perhaps if the relationship had continued, it would have been physical. The guy at the boiling point said: “If you don’t calm down now, I’ll kill you.” I felt so scared for my life. I cried, I was even afraid to cry loudly so that he wouldn’t hear. She calmed down, went to bed and as if nothing had happened,

the celebrity said.

Irina Kudashova spoke about her experience violence. Source: instagram.com/irinaa_kudashova

She noted that although there was no physical violence, mental aggression can also cause serious injury. Now Irina is done with abusive relationships, has found new happiness and is in a happy relationship with a man 10 years older than her. She feels supported and understood by her new loved one, which is a source of joy and strengthening.

This story of Irina Kudashova reminds us of the importance of seeking help and support in cases of violence, as well as the possibility of finding new happiness after leaving toxic connections.

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