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Miroshnichenko's wife will officially adopt a second baby

Inna Miroshnichenko, the wife of the famous presenter Timur Miroshnichenko, again became an official candidate for adoption, announcing her decision in Instagram stories. The couple, already raising their son Marcel from an orphanage, set about a new noble goal – to give a family to another lonely child, writes WomanEL.

Inna visited the Kyiv Service for Children and Family Affairs, where she received documents confirming her status as a candidate to adoptive parents. She shared her happiness, proud of this new important step for her family.

Now Inna begins the process of finding the ideal partner for Marcel, in the hope of taking the baby from the orphanage and creating a pleasant home for him. However, they know that this path can be difficult, as in the past when they had to face refusals due to the lack of children to adopt.

Inna Miroshnichenko is again on the path to adoption. Source: instagram.com/_inna_mi_

One little eternity, and I’m officially a candidate for adoption again,

the blogger said.

Last year, the couple became parents to Marcel, and they consider this experience the best decision in their lives. Let us remember that the couple also has two children of their own. Now they are ready to give warmth and love to another child, opening their hearts to a new family member.

By the way, the other day it became known how the love story of Timur and Inna Miroshnichenko began.

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