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Is it possible to work in pajamas: creating 5 stylish looks for working from home

In the modern world, working online has become commonplace. It is important that when working at home nothing distracts or interferes, so you need to think about not only your workplace, but also your clothes. WomanEL offers to figure out whether it is possible to work in pajamas and how to create stylish and comfortable looks for working remotely.

Content Stylish pajamasSportswearHoodie with leggingsOversized denimKnitted dress You need to think about not only your workplace, but also your clothes. Source: pinterest.com

What you wear can affect your thinking, overall performance, and emotional state. Clothes that harmoniously combine comfort and aesthetics not only improve your mood, but also help you stay focused.

Stylish pajamas

A silk or cotton pajama suit can be a great way to relax while working at home. A button-down shirt and wide-leg pants are great for any occasion. Yes, by the way, the guests were received by British ladies and gentlemen.

Is it possible to work in pajamas… Source: pinterest.com

You can spend the whole working day in a pajama suit, because the trend is to wear pajamas is still relevant everywhere. However, the main thing is what kind of pajamas you wear. The best choice for working from home would be satin pants and a shirt. This look will look feminine and discreet, and you will feel comfort and freedom in movement.

Silk and flannel pajamas with pants and shorts are popular. If desired, you can choose stylish pajamas in checkered, striped or plain.


Sports outfits give you the opportunity to look beautiful. Source: pinterest.com

Any sportswear that will look stylish and give motivation to spend a quality day is perfect for working in a home office. For cool days at home, choose long, soft sweatpants with a zip-up sports jacket or hoodie. For warm ones – a set of top and shorts.

Also recently fashionable is a women's tracksuit – velor or cotton. It is better to choose a looser cut that will not restrict movement and will not tire the skin with constant contact with the material. Such home outfits give you the opportunity to look beautiful and will also help you be ready for an unexpected video call.

Hoodie with leggings

Universal clothing for any activity. Source: pinterest.com

Comfortable and stylish hoodies paired with leggings are universal clothing for any activity when you want your body to be comfortable. Having chosen this look, you can immediately go to yoga classes after a working day.

In this form, there is no shame in running out to the store or holding a work meeting. In addition, the set can be adapted for a wardrobe outside the home. These can be trousers and long sleeves, a skirt and hoodie, or leggings with a tunic.

Oversized denim

A cozy option to spend a working day at home in. Source: pinterest.com

Jeans are a classic in the wardrobe, so it’s hard to imagine our life without them. They're perfect for creating a casual work-from-home look.

Loose jeans and an oversized shirt are a great option for sitting on the couch with a laptop, going on a Zoom call with colleagues, and preparing yourself lunch. This is the most casual look for going out and cozy enough to spend a working day at home in.

Knitted dress

Such clothing for remote work looks feminine and neat. Source: pinterest.com

Another option for comfortable online work, which will help you look stylish and put together, but does not interfere with working even from bed, is a knitted dress. You can choose it in any length and desired cut: a dress with a round neckline or a basic dress made of ribbed fabric with long sleeves.

Such clothes for remote work look feminine and neat. It's also very comfortable and easy to move around in.

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