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White crosses by Ulyana Shuba: a new track about the best version of your life

Young Ukrainian singer Ulyana Shuba in her new track “White Crosses” touches on the complex issue of unrequited love and abuse in relationships, writes WomanEL.

The singer addresses every girl with her song and video and urges not to be afraid of change, because change is for the better, and you can easily get out of an abusive relationship. According to Ulyana, when love was just beginning, the sneakers – a gift from the guy to the girl she sings about – were white.

White crosses by Ulyana Shuba. Source: Instagram

However, during this difficult relationship, they became black because they had accumulated a lot negative emotions and memories. And this was a signal – it was time to call it a day. Throwing away your sneakers is also a symbol of the desire for change, the readiness to meet new things and live the best version of your life, the singer shared.

According to the singer, her new song is about how to proceed in the right way from an abusive relationship. The symbol of which was the white sneakers she sings about. When a girl pulls herself together and decides to move on, she throws them away as a mention of past love.

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