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Krashanka: watch the trailer for a new Ukrainian family comedy

The most anticipated family comedy of the season, “Krashanka,” will appear in Ukrainian cinemas from April 25 this year. Director Taras Dudar attracts viewers with his new film, which tells about the adventures of the Zabiyak family, who decided to preserve traditions and organize an unforgettable Easter celebration, writes WomanEL.

The main character Ivan Andreevich Zabiyak is preparing to carry out an incredible experiment – he plans to launch a rocket to Moscow . Will he be able to realize his plan when his daughters, son and grandson unexpectedly come to him? The hero makes an interesting decision and reworks all his months-long plans, because family is always more important than any business.

B The film will meet three generations of Bullies, played by actors Stanislav Boklan, Vladimir Gladkikh and Mikhail Pulyansky, as well as Olesya Zhurakovskaya. “Krashanka” is not only a movie about fun adventures, but also about how important it is to preserve family traditions and support each other in difficult moments. Don't miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of laughter, warmth and unforgettable emotions with the Zabiyakov family in cinemas starting April 25, 2024.

By the way, the Ukrainian film recently won an Oscar for the first time.

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