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Warrior-traveler: Oleg Skrypka created a musical epic using AI

Ukrainian rock musician Oleg Skrypka presented fans with his new emotional video work “Nomad” for the first time in 2 years. The plot of the musical-military epic centers on a warrior-traveler, and the video itself was created using artificial intelligence, writes WomanEL.

“Nomad” tells the story of a hero who dreams of returning home. Nomads have been called nomads since ancient times.

Warrior-traveler Oleg Skripka in the new video “Nomad”. Source: Instagram

This video is about each of us, about the path of every Ukrainian – a conscious Cossack warrior, his main mission now is the defense of his native land. And the Ukrainian land appears in the form of a woman and carefully weaves that magical chain mail that will save the warrior-traveler,

said the musician.

Alina Dianova became the director of the video. She worked with Andrea Bocelli, David Fostero, as well as with the group Druga Rika and others. In the process of creating the video, the team sought to bring innovative techniques to the world of musical cinema. For this purpose, artificial intelligence was used, which became a key element for creating visual effects.

The filming took place in the One Location xR studio of extended reality and virtual production with photorealistic virtual spaces. The limits have been expanded and combined with real built landscape scenes, props and scenery.

The song “Nomad” also has an English version, aimed at European and American listeners.

Ziferblat previously presented the first a song written during the war.

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