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Kristina Soloviy told how she cheated on Sergei Zhadan: the couple is no longer together

Today, singer Kristina Soloviy for the first time publicly confirmed her relationship with the famous writer and musician Sergei Zhadan. This news was a real explosion for fans of both talented individuals, writes WomanEL.

The details of this incredible love story turned out to be a mixed picture of the professional and personal life paths of two Ukrainian creative personalities. During an interview with Masha Efrosinina, Kristina Soloviy admitted that her affair with Sergei Zhadan began at the most unpredictable moment – before the Russian invasion.

According to the artist, it was during this tense period that Zhadan invited her to record a song together, after which their communication became increasingly close and intimate.

Although the singer at first did not plan to publicize their romance and asked Zhadan to present them as a “creative tandem,” this relationship nevertheless began when the lovers were not yet divorced. Accordingly, Sergei Zhadan was still married to Irina Kunitsyna.

Kristina Solovy and Sergei Zhadan admitted their own ended relationship. Source: instagram.com/soloviyka

I used to be sorry that my feelings were not as strong as his. He really wanted this, and I fell a little into the illusion that I couldn’t help but give it to him, but in the end I fell in love and everything happened as it happened, the celebrity said.

According to Christina herself, her feelings for Zhadan were less strong than those that the writer himself experienced. Later, she fell in love with another man, which was the reason for the breakup of their romance.

It was a tense story and it really frayed everyone’s nerves. I'm currently on antidepressants since the relationship ended. I fell in love with another man and I couldn’t live on two fronts. He (Sergei Zhadan) found out about this and I was very sorry. It wasn't fair. I wanted to choose the right moment to tell him about it. But I think that the impossibility of our relationship lay in how busy our schedules were and how rarely we were able to see each other,

she added.

Now the stars, despite the separation, wish each other happiness and love in the future. This unexpected news excited Ukrainian show business and left fans on the verge of excitement.

By the way, it recently became known that Kristina Soloviy will sue the Russians and Peskov’s wife.

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