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TOP 5 richest wives of mayors of Ukrainian cities

People's deputies, in particular, mayors of Ukrainian cities, often indicate their partners as owners of real estate, cars and finance. WomanEL found out which of the favorite heads of city authorities has the greatest wealth and income. The NV publication compiled and published a rating based on data from mayoral declarations for 2022.

Content5. Marina Filatova4. Valeria Bondarenko3. Natalya Morgunova2. Vlada Andriiv1. Ekaterina Kit-Sadova

5. Marina Filatova

Marina is the wife of the mayor of Dnepr Boris Filatov. She is the owner of $116.4 thousand in cash assets, 2 apartments, 1 residential building, 5 plots of land and 3 cars. Her income for 2022 is 419.7 thousand UAH.

Source: gordonua.com

4 . Valeria Bondarenko

Valeria is the lover of the mayor of Cherkassy Anatoly Bondarenko. Her income for 2022 is UAH 9 million, in addition, she has $142.8 thousand in monetary assets, 1 apartment, 1 residential building, 12 land plots and 4 cars.

Source: 18000.com.ua

3. Natalya Morgunova

Natalya is the wife of the mayor of Vinnitsa Sergei Morgunov. She owns 1 car, $290.9 thousand in cash assets, shares worth UAH 26.6 million, corporate rights worth UAH 12.5 million, income for 2022 – UAH 5 million.

Source: vinnychany.info

2. Vlada Andriiv

Vlada is a partner of the mayor of Uzhgorod Bogdan Andriiv. Her condition — 4 land plots, 1 car, $723.8 thousand in cash assets, 35 million UAH of shares. UAH 39 million – income for 2022.

Source: regionews.ua

1. Ekaterina Kit-Sadova

Ekaterina is the wife of the mayor of Lvov, Andrei Sadovoy. She has 1 residential building, 2 land plots, 2 cars, $15.9 thousand in monetary assets, shares worth UAH 2.9 billion. Her income for 2022 is 2.8 million UAH.

Source: sadovyi.org

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