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Ksenia Mishina was seriously robbed

Ukrainian actress Ksenia Mishina became a victim of scammers who stole 15 thousand hryvnia from her. This unpleasant incident occurred after the celebrity agreed to cooperate with an unscrupulous buyer who offered to advertise her services on his page on social networks, writes WomanEL.

Ksenia Mishina in her blog spoke in detail about how this happened. According to the actress, the buyer first offered cooperation, to which she agreed, putting forward her conditions and fee. Before recommending the buyer's page to her subscribers, Mishina decided to check the services personally. However, after she had already paid an additional 15 thousand hryvnia for clothes worth more than was agreed upon, it turned out that the page of the advertising customer had already been deleted, and Ksenia was left without her funds.

Ksenia Mishina spoke about her experience of deception. Source: instagram.com/misha.k.ua

Two weeks ago a buyer wrote to me. I started studying her page, a lot of bloggers advertised it. But everything was in words. I need to check everything for myself, because I will recommend it to you. I think we need to understand communication, service, delivery. So I think I'll offer her a barter. Let him bring me things for this amount, how much my advertising costs. I chose things, but it came out to a large amount plus 15 thousand UAH. She said she needed 100% advance payment. I gave her 15 thousand UAH on the card. And she said that she went to buy things. Then she said that she sent it. Okay, we're waiting. Two weeks passed. I wrote to her yesterday. That's all. As a result, there is no page, everything is blocked and deleted. Goodbye, Ksenia, 15 thousand UAH. yours. I took screenshots and felt that something was wrong. But this page no longer existed, then I noticed that she had renamed it. Fraudsters,

the actress noted.

This case is another memorable confirmation of the need to be careful when conducting transactions on the Internet and always check the veracity in business relationships. Law enforcement agencies are investigating this case in order to identify the culprits and return the funds to the victim.

By the way, the sick Ksenia Mishina recently showed off her luxury home.

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