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Liliya Rebrik became a mother for the third time and declassified the name of the child

42-year-old Ukrainian actress and TV presenter Liliya Rebrik and 45-year-old dancer Andrei Dikiy became parents of many children, writes WomanEL. The couple had a third daughter, who was named Adele, the lovers announced this on Instagram.

Our Adele! Dikaya Adelina Andreevna. Be happy, Daughter!,

written by the Wild family.

The girl was born on March 15th weighing 3500 grams and height – 52 centimeters.

By the way, Lilia’s pregnancy became known last fall. Some people suggest that the TV personality became pregnant for the third time so that her beloved Andrei would not be taken to war. Then Rebrik responded to the criticism:

People who believe that they are having a child in order to “get out of the army” or go abroad, what’s wrong with you? I'll surprise you: people give birth to children because they love each other! It also happens that they didn’t plan for a child, but the Universe gave this miracle.

Recall that Liliya Rebrik and Andrei Dikiy got married in 2011. The couple is already raising two daughters – 11-year-old Diana and 5-year-old Polina.

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