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Cara Delevingne was left without a home: what happened

Fire is a merciless destroyer, and even the most beautiful home is not 100% insured and safe in the face of flames. Model and actress Cara Delevingne, 31, experienced this firsthand when her large Los Angeles mansion burned down, WomanEL has learned.

The sad event happened early on Friday when Cara's two-story home caught fire. The fire was extinguished only two hours later with the involvement of 94 firefighters, but the fire managed to touch several rooms and topple onto the roof.

It was lucky that Delevingne was in London at that time and was not affected by this tragedy. However, there were two of her cats inside the house, and the model was very worried about them. But rescuers managed to find and save two fluffies.

My heart is broken. I can't believe that life can change overnight. Always appreciate what you have,

the celebrity wrote on Instagram.

Unfortunately, a beautiful mansion , which the star purchased in 2019 for $7 million, was badly damaged. The cause of the fire is being established, and Cara Delevingne expressed gratitude to the rescuers and everyone who expressed support and condolences.

Recall that it recently became known that Cara Delevingne will make her debut in the most successful musical of all time.

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