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Linkin Park released a powerful single: whose vocals will we hear

American rock band Linkin Park has released a video for a previously unreleased track with vocals by the late Chester Bennington “Friendly Fire,” writes WomanEL.

Linkin Park. Source: Instagram

The song was recorded while working on the album One More Light. It was released in 2017 and became the last release in which Bennington took part. Two months after the release of the record, the musician committed suicide.

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According to the band's guitarist Brad Delson, “Friendly Fire” has always been one of their favorite songs, but how to include it on the record, then they never came up with it.

Something wasn't right about it, so when it came to the finish line, we decided to put it off for later,

the musician admitted.

In light of the new rethinking of the song, the members of Linkin Park call it one of the most powerful. In general, the collection of singles that is being prepared for release covers the entire history of the group. It's called Papercuts (Singles Collection 2000-2023) and will be released on April 12.

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