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Without makeup: 50-year-old Tyra Banks struck with impeccable beauty in new selfies

At the radiant age of 50, Tyra Banks is redefining the idea of ​​aging with her latest Instagram post, which exudes natural beauty and a relaxed acceptance of life's inevitable changes.

The iconic supermodel and TV personality graced the web with a series of candid photos without makeup, proving that age — it's just a number, but beauty is timeless, writes WomanEL.

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In the pictures, Tyra has her naturally curly hair and hoop earrings, and her face glows without makeup.

Tyra without makeup. Source: Instagram Tyra without makeup. Source: Instagram

In a recent intimate, Banks revealed what she believes is her secret to staying youthful: gaining weight.

Tyra's physique has noticeably changed since she first came to the world's attention in the 1990s years. She welcomed her fuller figure with open arms, unapologetically celebrating her body's changes over the years.

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