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Megan Fox caused outrage among Ukrainians

37-year-old American actress and model Megan Fox shared a new publication on Instagram; in the description of the photo she remembered Ukrainian women. Our girls and women were outraged by the star’s statement, reports WomanEL. Read below what Fox wrote.

Oh my God, people, look how different I am. It turns out that it was just a shadow photo from a mobile phone in which I look like a Ukrainian inflatable doll. When in REALITY I look like one of those super expensive silicone real sex dolls that can only be purchased in Japan.

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< p>Of course, Megan received a lot of hate in the comments from Ukrainians and others.

  • I think that xenophobia towards Eastern Europeans still exists.
  • Girl, you had one opportunity to write a good post about this iconic photo, and you write THIS?
  • You are far from being compared to Ukrainian women.
  • Baby, Ukraine is being destroyed in an unprovoked war. Raise awareness of this!
  • It’s very rude of you to talk about Ukrainian women like that, that’s how you showed yourself.

But the actress responded to the comments of social network users and under one commented that it was just a joke.

That's not what I meant. Ukrainian women are very hot, so in my opinion, blown up dolls are also very hot. Let the girl joke, damn it.

Recall that earlier a Ukrainian photographer took unexpected shots for Megan Fox.

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