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Love bread with AI: why a Japanese bakery teamed up with artificial intelligence

Kimuraya, Japan's oldest bakery, decided to keep up with technological progress. Together with the Japanese electronics company NEC Corp, AI Love Bread was created – romantic love bread with artificial intelligence tells WomanEL.

Love Bread with AI. Source: Instagram

As reported by CNN, the bakery conducted a study of its own customer base. Unfortunately, the result is that more and more young people are not interested in romantic relationships. But for those who had a strong desire to go on a date and fall in love, the bakery created AI Love Bread – a loaf of bread that reproduces the aromas of romance.

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Our role was to turn the ingredients into bread. We paid attention to colors, which are used to visually express romantic emotions, and aimed to create a vibrant look for Love Bread, said Yuki Kitazawa, developer of Kimuraya Bakery.

NEC used its AI technology to analyze conversations in a TV reality dating show. For the project, I used two artificial intelligence technologies: NEC Enhanced Speech for converting language into text and NEC Data Enrichment for generating emotion ratings from text data. Based on the data obtained, the company identified five key stages of romantic feelings:

  • fateful meeting;
  • first date;
  • jealousy;
  • < li>broken heart;

  • mutual love.

Romantic bread of love with artificial intelligence. Source: Instagram

The AI ​​then collected lyrics from approximately 35,000 songs related to love and food. From these, it created a visual map combining different stages of love and specific foods and tastes.

The AI ​​then collected the lyrics of approximately 35 thousand songs related to love and food. From these, he created a visual map combining the different stages of love and specific foods and tastes.

The Fateful Encounter bread was flavored with cotton candy, representing the airy emotions of the first impulses of love. First Date is full of citrus: lime and orange zest.

Jealousy tastes like purple sweet potato, truffle oil and raisins, while Mutual Love is a sweet-tart blend of honey, peach and dragonfruit. But to reproduce the taste of “tears from a broken heart” they added apple cider and grapes.

Romantic papers can be purchased in supermarkets in the Kanto region of Japan and in the Kimuraya Bakery online store.

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