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Melovina's sister died during the shelling

Ukrainian singer MELOVIN shared for the first time the details of the tragedy in his family. The star lost his sister, who died as a result of a double strike by enemy missiles on Odessa on March 15. After this painful incident, MELOVIN noted that he began to appreciate life in the moment even more, writes WomanEL.

Recently, I lost my sister during shelling. Do you remember when, after the explosion, emergency workers came to save people and a second rocket arrived? It hurts, it breaks your heart. The next day I performed at a wedding. I put on a smile and drove off… To the point of absurdity, but this is what helped me come to my senses and understand: “Life is here and now. There is no need to hesitate,” the singer revealed.

In addition, MELOVIN noted that, despite everything, his parents continue to live in Odessa. He often visits there to relax in his hometown.

MELOVIN spoke for the first time about the tragedy in the family. Source: insider.ua

My parents live in Odessa. Whenever possible, I try to come there for a few days, or maybe more. This year I was in my hometown twice: in January and March, for my dad’s birthday. I went to the sea. I want to go there with a concert. Odessa is a special city for me, so everything that happens there now hurts every time, every time causes anxiety, Melovin admitted.

The singer emphasized that the tragedy changed his life and views on the world , adding that he hopes for peace and security for all Ukrainians and continues to fight with his creativity for the freedom and independence of his country.

By the way, MELOVIN recently told what beauty injections he regularly does.

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