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Mother's prayer for her son at war

Our country is going through a terrible time. Many mothers are forced to accompany their sons to war. A mother’s prayer to the Lord God and Guardian Angel to protect her son, who is defending the country, is now more relevant than ever, writes WomanEL.

The poor mother’s heart cannot calm down for a minute while her son-warrior performs a heroic task – protects the country from occupiers. And the only thing a mother can do for her son is to pray for him to return home safe and sound.

A mother's prayer for her son at war. Source: pinterest.com

A mother’s prayer for her son who is at war

Merciful God, Our Father, I bow down to You and bleach my heart, my mother’s heart, the sons of which are in the war. Almighty God, I give Your loving Father’s hand to the life of my son and I pray to You, Father, take care of his life under all circumstances, under all eyes, under all circumstances.

Cover him with Your Holy hand and help omu vacate his name 'tongue, stealing the Victim from the enemies. In an important life, help me to call upon You and rely solely on You and Your Word. Let Your mercy and grace be with him, so that he will be humble, courageous and make the right decisions – the decision is in Your sight.

Help him remember forever that his life was chosen with Christ with You. Take care of his life and let him know the joy of a wicker’s harness and the joy of victory over an enemy. I praise You, Father, that Your will is successfully completed by Your hand in the life of my son. I praise You, Great God, and I worship You. Amen.

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