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Nadya Dorofeeva exposed herself and spoke about problems with hormones

Ukrainian singer Nadya Dorofeeva shocked fans with her frank admission of her problems with hormones. The artist, known for her expressive performances and bright image, starred in a shocking photo shoot, where she showed herself topless, and then shared a striking disclosure, writes WomanEL.

On her Instagram page, Nadya Dorofeeva openly spoke about her struggle with thyroid problems hormone (TSH). According to the singer, for six years she took a drug to normalize this hormone, but for the last three years she has felt strange. Nadya admitted that she felt tired, apathetic and depressed, which was an unusual state for her.

How Nadya Dorofeeva deals with problems with hormones? Source: instagram.com/nadyadorofeeva

I honestly admit, I’ve been on Eutyrox for six years, but I had no idea that elevated TSH affects the condition so much. I finally understood what had been happening to me for the last three years. I realized why I woke up tired, and then my days felt like a battle. Every day I struggled and considered myself either lazy, apathetic, depressed, or simply a person who constantly cannot get enough sleep. A few months ago, my TSH rose again,

the celebrity said.

Several months ago, during a medical examination, Nadya Dorofeeva learned that the level of TSH in her body had increased, and it was necessary to change the dose of the drug to normalize it indicator. After appropriate treatment, the artist finally felt better, which became a great liberation for her.

By the way, Nadya Dorofeeva recently spoke hysterically to fans.

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