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Natalya Mogilevskaya openly spoke about how she raises her daughters

Ukrainian singer Natalya Mogilevskaya, who adopted two girls two years ago, outlined her approach to raising children to the world, writes WomanEL.

According to the performer, she refused physical and verbal violence against her children. Mogilevskaya said that she remembers her own childhood and the trauma that caused such parenting methods. She emphasizes that learning through calm conversations and mutual understanding is much more effective.

I don't hit or scream. These things traumatize and have traumatized me. And they generally injure people. Today I read books on how to educate. And I understand that a normal calm conversation, eyes that understand you, is a much faster way to teach a child. It's a long way to get your ass kicked. Through trauma, through insults and more. That is, this is childish behavior among parents. Adult behavior is different: let’s sit down and talk about what you don’t understand. I'm completely safe for you. Let's agree, I will still love you, no matter what you do. How can I, as a father, as a mother, help you?

the celebrity emphasized in an interview.

Natalia Mogilevskaya refused screaming and fighting in raising their daughters. Source: instagram.com/nataliya_mogilevskaya

Natalia Mogilevskaya revealed her philosophy of education to the public, emphasizing that calm and serious communication with children is the key to the harmonious development of children and the formation of adult personalities.

By the way, recently Natalya Mogilevskaya presented a patriotic emotional song.

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