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Easter in Ukraine and Europe: why the date of celebration is different

This Easter turned out to be special not only for its joyful atmosphere, but also for the difference in the dates of celebration between different Christian denominations. In particular, the focus is on the contrast of Easter in Europe and Ukraine, writes WomanEL.

In Ukraine, as in other Orthodox and Greek Catholic communities, Easter will come on May 5th. At the same time, Roman Catholics in Europe will celebrate it on March 31st. This date difference has led to many questions and discussions.

The main reason for this difference is the different methods for calculating the date of Easter. Although the basic principles of accounting for the solar spring equinox and the lunar calendar are almost identical, there are nuances in the calculations and rules that affect the dates of the celebration. But in 2025 and 2028 the date of Easter falls on the same day for everyone.

The great uniqueness of Ukrainian Easter is that Ukraine has already switched to a new church calendar, but the celebration of Easter will take place in May. This may seem strange to many parishioners, in particular, considering that other Christian denominations in Ukraine and the world celebrate this holiday according to the old style.

Why is Easter celebrated on May 5 in Ukraine, and on March 31 in Europe? Source: konkurent.ua

Some Ukrainian Orthodox and Greek Catholics have already switched to a new calendar since September 2023, changing their celebration of Christmas. However, regarding Easter the question remains open. Even when switching to a new calendar, it is not possible to achieve complete unification of holidays. And Easter is one of those holidays that has caused debate among Catholics and Orthodox Christians for many centuries.

Under such conditions, it is difficult to predict when complete agreement may occur in the celebration of Easter among different faiths. However, the difference in approaches to Easter reflects the diversity of the Christian heritage, which continues to inspire and unite believers around the world.

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