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Not peach: the trending color of summer 2024, which will become the basis for your looks

Last year, shades of orange, yellow and green were popular, and the summer of 2023 will be entirely dedicated to neoncore. However, as much as we love this trend, we're saying goodbye to it and ushering in summer 2024 with softer shades that will make a more subtle yet flattering fashion statement. The trending color for summer 2024 is lighter shades of sky blue, lavender, pastel lilac and periwinkle.

ContentThe trending color for summer 2024 is periwinkle. Choose a business suit in a shade of periwinkle. The trending color for summer 2024 is ideal for accessories. Buy shoes in a shade of periwinkle

These shades will add a touch of playfulness to our summer outfits. Our favorite? Periwinkle, because it can be perfectly combined with almost any other color in your wardrobe. That's why WomanEL suggests choosing this shade (pale blue with a lilac tint). Just add a few periwinkle pieces to your wardrobe to break up the neutral colors of your capsule wardrobe.

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Trend color for summer 2024 – periwinkle

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Hot sunny days require light summer dresses. The beauty of this soft shade is that it goes perfectly with any style of clothing. We suggest choosing dresses in periwinkle shades. From ruffled dresses to light and comfortable dresses – from flirty minis to flowy maxi dresses – periwinkle is the color that will bring color to your summer.

Choose a business suit in a periwinkle shade

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Corporal clothing is fashionable in 2024 and will be so even in summer. A classic blazer and mini skirt (or mini shorts) are perfect for both warm days and cool nights. Head out to work in the morning looking stylish in your periwinkle skirt, and grab a matching blazer to wear when you meet friends for happy hour drinks in the evening and stay warm.

The trend color of summer 2024 is perfect for accessories

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Fashion designer Kate Spade once said, “A bag is just one item that can complete an outfit. Add a peony pink leather handbag to a dark gray suit, for example, and the effect is chic and witty.” Indeed, a handbag can completely transform your look and add a wow effect to a basic summer outfit. But instead of a peony pink bag, opt for a periwinkle bag this summer. Want to take your style up a notch? Choose irregular and uneven shapes as they have become a handbag trend this year.

Buy periwinkle shoes

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Take This is from the iconic Carrie Bradshaw: “When one door closes, a shoebox opens.” What better way to close the door on the cold season and bring out your best self in the summer than opening a box of periwinkle high heels? This shade looks great with any outfit: a bright yellow summer dress, white shorts, pink skirts. Don't be afraid to experiment.

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