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Sofia Vergara underwent major surgery

Even though it's only been two months since Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello's divorce was finalized, it looks like they've both moved on happily.

Sofia, 51, hinted that she's found love again with orthopedic surgeon Justin Saliman, and although she never confirmed the romance, the star got closer to it on social networks this weekend, writes WomanEL.

The actress and model revealed on her Instagram Stories that she underwent major knee surgery last week and is now recovering with the help of friends and family.

However, the other person next to her was none other than Justin, whom she captured adorably in the photo.

Vergara's publication. Source: Instagram

The man had already appeared on Sofia’s Instagram in a selection of photos that she shared, although the actress did not indicate at that time that they were in a relationship. The couple was first spotted together in October, and have been seen several times since then.

Sofia previously showed off her perfect figure in a swimsuit.

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