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MamaRika showed her breasts in a candid photo shoot: her husband’s reaction

Ukrainian singer MamaRika (Nastya Kochetova) amazed the network with seductive photographs, reports WomanEL. Despite personal difficulties and a crisis in her marriage, the artist decided to give herself and her fans a gift on her birthday; on April 13, the star celebrated her 35th birthday. MamaRika shared sexy photos on Instagram.

In the photos, Nastya poses topless and in khaki pants, which emphasize her luxurious figure. The shots are quite bold.

35 mozafaka…I can afford it! And no, these are not just naked photos (as toxics will spread now), these are aesthetics that will delight your eye and mine too,

the birthday girl wrote.

However, before the haters could express their criticism, MamaRika immediately addressed them, assuring them that she has the right to her own decision and choice, what to do with her body and how to show it .

In addition, the singer added that she would be pleased to receive a greeting in the form of a donation to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

By the way, the star’s husband, showman Sergei Sereda, reacted calmly to his wife’s erotic photos, he I left emoticons in the form of kisses and lights in the comments.

Let us remind you that recently, on her birthday, 59- summer supermodel Paulina Porizkova.

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