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Rare moments of happiness – Alan Badoev met with his son and daughter

43-year-old popular director and music video director Alan Badoev shared rare footage on Instagram with children whom he had not seen for several years, reports WomanEL.

The star dad met with his 19-year-old daughter Lolita and 26-year-old son Boris in Spain thanks to the premiere of his new documentary “Dovga Doba”.

I I haven’t seen my children together for four years…First Covid, then the war, so I got used to communicating via video conference,

wrote Badoev.

But Alan added that modern, virtual trends will not replace hugs, kisses before bed or the smell of your child's hair.

The children accompanied me on my movie journey. This is a moment of impeccable happiness and it is unconditional.

By the way, this meeting became not only the unification of the family, but also support during an important moment in the career of Alan Badoev – the premiere of the film “Dovga Doba”, showing events during the war in Ukraine, which was started by Russia.

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