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Prayer for Ukraine, peace and quiet

Every Christian who is not indifferent to the fate of Ukraine prays every day for its peace and prosperity. During the war with Russia, millions of Ukrainians turn to God, wishing with all their might to protect the country, its brave warriors and civilians from cruel aggressors. The prayer for Ukraine, peace and tranquility, which WomanEL invites believers to read, will give strength and give hope.

Prayer for Ukraine, peace and quiet. Source: pinterest.com

Prayer for Ukraine, peace and quiet

Our Father! We pray to You for peace and tranquility for our great united homeland. May we, God, live in love for our neighbor, with respect to the rights and freedoms of every person, without burning intransigence.

Heavenly King! I believe in our unity, for Your Power is great! I believe in the power of our spirit, for this is the Miracle of Your Creation! I believe that these words will strengthen the power of darkness.

Let this battle in heaven be to the advantage of the Light! Glory to You, God! May the life-giving dew fall on our lands. Let's get into trouble with our brothers and sisters. Let us not come to the point of inflamed passions.

We fell in love with each other and, at the same time, stayed in You. And help us to know reconciliation. Zakhisti naymensh zahidhikhnikh. Dry the tears of those who cry. Squelch the faith of those who doubt. Send into our hearts love one after another, peace and tranquility.

Lord! Bless Ukraine and all our homelands. Teach us not to sell our conscience neither cheap nor dear. Protect us from the visible and invisible enemies who want to force us. May we, God, live free lives. Give us a share for our people. Give us unity, peace and tranquility, Lord!

Save Ukraine, God, accept my prayer. For Ukraine! For peace! For Peace! Amen.

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