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Singer Luna showed her youngest son for the first time

33-year-old Ukrainian performer Luna (Kristina Gerasimova) recently became a mother for the second time. The artist gave birth to a son, who was named Nikita, reports WomanEL. She shared the first photos of the baby on Instagram, where his face is visible.

I present to your to the attention of my youngest precious son Nikita, who turned 3 months old today, wrote Luna.

In black and white photographs, the singer joyfully poses with her son.

Luna's subscribers left many positive comments under the publication.

  • You are great!

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  • How cool.
    • Handsome.
    • Such a cute baby.
    • Our pie.

    Recall that since 2012 Christina was married to producer and vocalist of the Ukrainian rap group “Mushrooms” Yuri Bardash. The ex-couple has a 12-year-old son, George. In 2021, Luna married sound producer Alexander Voloshchuk. Now the lovers are raising their common 3-month-old son, Nikita.

    In addition, Luna recently told how to recover after childbirth.

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