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Positive suddenly started talking about his ex-wife

Ukrainian singer Alexey Zavgorodniy, known as Positive, openly shared the details of his relationship with his ex-wife after their divorce. In a special episode of the podcast, the artist admitted that he maintains friendly relations with his ex-wife, designer Anna Andreychuk, writes WomanEL.

According to the singer, they continue to communicate even after a long period after the divorce. Positive emphasized that he has no complaints or complaints about his past marriage.

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I respect my ex my wife and I love her as a person. Even now we continue to correspond. I don't regret the past. I'm sure I did my best. I'm still worried. Not as a man or something left, but simply because you were once responsible for this person,

the celebrity said.

Positive openly admitted that he maintained his friendship with his former partner. Source: instagram.com/positiff

It should be noted that Alexey and Anna lived together for 15 years, 8 of them married, before announcing their divorce in 2021. Let us remind you that Positive has been in a new relationship for more than a year, but the name of his new chosen one still remains a secret. In general, the celebrity shows respect for his ex-lover and does not discuss their life together after breaking up. But recently it became known how Positive cheated on his wife.

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