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At Miss World: the Ukrainian wore a chic dress based on Lesya Ukrainka

Sofia Shamia, who will represent Ukraine at the Miss World 2024 competition, amazed the audience and the jury not only with her beauty, but also with the deep meaning of the national costume. Called “The Forest Song,” this image was created based on the work of the outstanding Ukrainian poet Lesya Ukrainka.

It should be noted that this national costume was made in conditions of extreme difficulty. Kharkov brand “Myvo” worked on it for two months, being exposed to enemy shelling that took place in the city. The workshop was damaged, but this did not stop the team from creating a work of art.

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The dress amazes with its beauty and uniqueness. The deep green color, huge golden fern at the back, kinetic flowers and a lush wreath in yellow-gold tones – all this makes the image unique.

However, the main thing is not only in the aesthetics of the costume, but in its message. “The Forest Song” is an attempt to attract the attention of the world community to the environmental crisis in Ukraine. The ongoing war is leading to the destruction of the country's natural resources: from burned forests and industrial facilities to soil and water pollution.

National image for the Miss World competition became a work of art. Source: instagram.com/miss_ukraine_official

Sofia Shamia in this image turns into Mavka – a symbol of beauty, mystery and natural freedom. Her appearance on stage symbolizes the harmony between man and nature, as well as a call for protection and respect for the ecosystem.

This national costume has become not only an expression of the cultural heritage of Ukraine, but also a voice calling on the world to join in the conservation of natural resources resources and peace.

By the way, it recently became known that Miss Universe Anna Neplyakh is freezing her eggs.

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